Scott Oldford

I’ve never been “normal” When I was younger, I didn’t have friends. I saw the world in a different way. I was obsessed with experimentation and opportunity. While I was never “bright” in school due to multiple learning disabilities, by the time I was 7 years old, I had my own company selling eggs on my parents acreage. Fast-forward two years and technology was the next fascinating thing for me, specifically programming and running online communities. By the time I was 12 years old, I worked with dozens of people across the world. Most of them didn’t know I was only 12, but that didn’t matter. For me, the “facts” have always been a mere illusion of the the truth: We all have limitless potential and it doesn’t matter who you are. Time passed and I created some of the largest niche websites in the world with millions of pageviews per month. I didn’t even know I was an entrepreneur. I was 16 and while I was making a lot of money, I had no idea that I was in this thing called… Entrepreneurship. For some, rock-bottom is losing their job For some it’s debt For others it’s being homeless For me, it was the moment where I couldn’t dig myself into a bigger hole. At this moment, something changed inside of me. I realized that the core reasons I kept failing came down to four themes. I looked at how others could serve me, instead of how I could serve them. I kept on hustling and using my super-power of connecting with people and marketing and sales and had zero predictability in my businesses. I wasn’t coachable. I kept drinking my own kool-aid so much that no mentor could ever help me. And because of it, I had an incorrect roadmap. My ego was so over-inflated that I made bad decisions. I won’t lie to you. There wasn’t a single moment where everything came together. It was a series of moments strung together with a new set of beliefs and patterns that I improved on each and every day. It took letting go of my belief that I was a failure. It took burying my ego at the bottom of the ocean. I went from being an introverted fat-kid without a single friend, to being praised by everyone I met From winning the Top 20 under 20 award, being featured on national media, and by the time I was 19 I owned multiple companies. In typical entrepreneurial fashion, I thought I was unstoppable. I was lacking the right roadmap, mentors and path. Instead of drinking my own kool-aid, I was swimming in it. I thought I was amazing. And as we all know, the moment that YOU think you’re great, is the likely moment where you lose it all. Being high on my own supply of ego, over the next 2 years I failed multiple companies and found myself learning all the hard lessons of entrepreneurship that I hope you never have to experience. I went from having multiple 7-figure businesses to having nothing… I sold everything I owned and lived in a 450sq/ft apartment… I was $726,000 in debt… There was a moment in June 2013 in my car parked outside of a gas station near my house. I was crying, the windows steamed up. I just used my last gas card that I had from cashing in my Air Miles for them. I never ever wanted to hurt anyone. I wanted to serve in my business, to help others in business, yet I couldn’t get my own life together. At that exact moment, I drew a line in the sand. This was my final stand. I had enough of this failure thing. “Never again” is all I could muster With an upgraded internal operating system, in 2013 I launched a marketing agency, which grew to over $125,000 in less than 12 months While I had cashflow and money to start paying off my debt, I felt like I was trapped in a prison. I figured out the “Hustle” and “Ego” issue. So what was the problem now? I hated what I was doing. So, I decided to blow it up again. I fired everyone including my clients. And with less than $50,000 in my bank account, I sold everything I owned (again) and moved from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Toronto, Canada in March of 2015. No business model. No idea. All I knew is that I needed to find something I loved. Two months later, I stumbled across being able to help entrepreneurs with online marketing and sales. It’s something I am extremely good at. Within five months, I generated over $500,000 in a brand new market in which I knew no one. In 2016, I started to scale the business to generating multiple 6-figures per month with great profitability. My purpose for my life is very simple To help humans evolve massively To create momentum in our lives As time progresses, so has my focus I realized that my best chance of helping entrepreneurs today is to help them sidestep the problems I had when I built my first companies. From mindset to lead generation, sales and becoming a high-performance individual… I help entrepreneurs scale their businesses while profiting and establishing the freedom to create great impact. Today, my greatest unfair advantage for impact is helping entrepreneurs, like you, to grow into the best version of you and your business. It makes me extremely happy to help others achieve new levels of success, which opens an entirely new world and reality for them. This is me. Like you, I’m ever-evolving. But for today, I’m Scott Oldford. And it’s my mission to help entrepreneurs evolve society as a whole and what we know on the reality of being human. Leverage, Impact, Growth, Freedom. Scott Oldford