Cory Michelle

Cory Michelle, Crazy Possible Miracle Worker Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator since 2010 Creator of the Crazy Possible Experiment® Cory Michelle has broken free from the confines and limitations of this reality and has mastery with universal principal, ask and you shall receive. She has razor sharp awareness, is wicked magic at identifying limitations and eliminating energetic blocks. You'll notice her unabashed humor, love for fun and abundance of joy as well as her no tolerance for BS. After facilitating 1000s of people globally in Access Consciousness® courses as well as her signature course Art of Living Crazy Possible, she knows these tools work like magic! She is the creator of the Crazy Possible Experiment which has grown organically to close to 12,000 people. With thousands of documented changes, miracles in people's lives she has now created an even more expansive system to contribute to even more change and crazy possible being created! Her greatest joy is seeing others create their #newlife, and be the gift and miracle they truly be. Cory Michelle is currently living in Queensland Australia, and is from Denver, CO and San Diego, CA. She lives her life being an experimenter first, what can we create here, being a go to question. She has been a contributor to 3 best selling books and has 2 coming out of her own this year. Cory LOVES traveling the world creating the space of contribution where ever she goes. She believes in the potent tools of Access Consciousness. Why? Because they just work to empower you to know what you know and change anything. Join the Crazy Possible Experiment®: