O-Live & CO

O-Live & Co. is estate grown, cold pressed and has less than 0.2% acidity. Our extra virgin olive oil is 100% authentic Chilean; made as an everyday oil at an everyday price. The clean, mild flavor complements almost any dish from grilled vegetables and seasonal salads to marinated meats and flavorful roasts, all while maintaining a distinctly fresh taste. The secret to its superior quality and flavor lies in our 2-hour fresh, tree-to-press guarantee. O-LIVE & CO comes from an award winning olive oil estate with a 100% green eco-profile ensuring traceability to the tree. Our olive oil factory uses a bio-thermo cooling system to maintain constant temperature throughout the year. Cutting edge generators fueled from the olive pits are used to produce electricity. Since we only produce extra virgin olive oil we compost the olive skin and pulp for use as organic fertilizer.