Noble Fitness

Fraser Noble Noble Fitness Founder & Personal Trainer Growing up in Scotland I was always a heavier guy. This wasn’t an issue as my mother started me playing junior rugby at 5 years old, and practising martial arts at 12. This always kept me healthy throughout my teens. I was introduced to health and fitness training through these sports and continued playing into my early twenties. Upon graduating, I managed to land a job in Singapore. I managed to keep on top of my training and fitness for a few years before I fell into the habit of long working hours, excessive nights out and a lot of business travel. This meant I put on more weight than I ever had. Luckily I met my wife and at the beginning of 2013 we decided to get married. I took this opportunity to become healthier and fitter for my wife-to-be. I successfully lost the weight I wanted to for the wedding at the end of 2013. But I wanted to see if I could reach my true potential and I did. From then, I have found a passion for helping others do the same. Not only to look good, but to feel great. I have already helped many friends and colleagues reach their individual goals, from older guys trying to move more freely and feel fewer aches, to younger ladies who want to feel and look healthier. The success of those whom I had helped drove me to catch a larger audience; this is what created ‘Noble Fitness’. On top of my drive to help others improve themselves and the years of personal trial and error, holding an ACE Certification in Personal Training gives me the knowledge and capability to utilise science-based health and fitness information in creating personalised programmes, training sessions and group classes for my clients.