Ninja Acquisitions, with Carl Allen

Ninja Acquisitions was founded by Carl Allen to train entrepreneurs, small business owners and frustrated employees how to acquire their own established and profitable business without using any personal capital. The system has been developed over a 22 year period, across more than 250 transactions ranging between businesses with $50,000 in sales through to more than $1B in sales. The system works flawlessly with four primary customer types: 1) Trapped employees: these are individuals working for larger businesses but chained to their desks, no skin in the game (equity or profit share), working crazy hours, travelling and away from their families, a poor work/life balance and having to contend with office politics, glass ceilings and even bullying, harassment and abuse. The system provides freedom and change to these people by providing a tried and tested solution for acquiring their own business. This also works for independent consultants helping client businesses. Why spend time and work hard fixing someone else's business when you can have your own and benefit 100% from the upside? 2) Risk averse entrepreneurs: 96% of start-ups fail inside of 10 years. Why? when you open the doors on day 1, you have no customers, products, services, premises, employees, suppliers, credit, equipment and probably not a lot of capital. Even if your innovation or new business idea is a winner, you can radically de-risk your life by acquiring someone else's business, for free, then innovating your new stuff from within. You will have everything you need: capital, employees, customers, suppliers, equipment, premises, etc. 3) Existing small business owners. It costs between 9x and 15x to acquire a new customer than sell to an existing one and winning customers one by one is becoming harder and competition (both home and abroad) is intensifying. The Business Giveaway System will allow you to bolt-on additional businesses into your current operation. This gives instant access to new customers, products, services and employees and you can then consolidate the operations (save money) while cross selling your products and services across the new and old customer bases. 4) Franchise or business opportunity seekers: Although buying into an existing business model is less riskier than building a start-up, it's expensive. Franchises can start at $10k and ramp up into the millions. Why spend this money when you can acquire an existing business for free?