Nicky Leonti

I’m Nicky Leonti the Sales Funnel Architect Sales Funnels are the foundation of an online business. Have you ever been asked for your email address? This is the beginning of a sales funnel! Quite often (for those that dont know about marketing online) this is the beginning and the end of a sales funnel which doesn’t really create much of an online business. My skill is in helping business owners to create a system using their website and social media to educate potential clients about who they are and what they have to offer. This system we create then moves people from POTENTIAL clients to PAYING clients. Does this sound like something you need for your business? Of course it is! If you have a website without a marketing system in place then you are wasting time and money. If the whole term – sales funnel is new to you then be sure to check out my free training which you can sign up to below. In this I share the basics of sales funnels and how they work. If you just want someone to swoop in and create your system for you then be sure to check out my packages HERE: When you start growing your business you realise that time is money. It can save you a lot of headache to have someone do it for you!