New Horizon

***FOREX (FX) DIVISION:*** ***CRYPTO DIVISION:*** Ready to reach your potential? New Horizon is a general investment education company that focuses on delivering high quality training material, community, and continued support through mentorship. Tired of going through life without the knowledge you need to invest wisely? There is a LOT of material out there, but how do you know what's useful and what's garbage? We are here to help. New Horizon strives to support many different forms of investing. Our initial education offering is FOREX (Foreign Exchange Currency Trade), but we will be expanding our education to cover other forms continuously. Our next division will offer support and education for Crypto-Currency investing - stay tuned! Other forms of investing education we will be offering will include but not be limited to: Real Estate, Investment Funds, Bonds, Stocks, and Business. New Horizon's founders: Josh Poole, Marshall Clark, Desmond Tatilian, Bryce Young, and Jordan Alvarez are seasoned FOREX traders that have been heavily involved, and respected, in the community for years. We aim to prove ourselves through our actions, not our words, and will always be open and honest with our students. All of our posted trades are *live* - unless stated otherwise. Please message us any time to request myfxbook stats, which will also be available for public view on our website. Although many pop-up FOREX education companies out there try to make do with copied material, all of our content is 100% original and morphed by our own personal experiences and views. We pride ourselves in offering knowledge that you can ONLY receive from us. We have spent the countless hours back-testing and tweaking techniques to form unique strategies. We are pleased to offer a custom-platform website for all of our students to benefit from. Be sure to check out the Chart Analysis Room ;-) If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to any one of us. We are here to help you "Reach Your Potential". ***Our FOREX Education course is $500.00 USD, and includes a lifetime membership to our FOREX-related guidance & community.*** ***Our FOREX Education course includes: - 5 Mentors - Multiple Unique Trading Styles - Full A-Z Education Coverage - Lifetime Support - 24/7 Service - Active Trading Community - Active Chat Rooms - Chart Analysis Room - Weekly Webinars - Live Q&A Sessions - Homework ***Please note we are NOT a "signal" group, nor do we offer any formal financial advice. All of our content is for educational purposes ONLY, and we will NOT handle anyone's funds directly.***