Newcastle Karate

Newcastle Karate is a black belt school with lead instructors that have over 100 years combined martial arts experience. Newcastle Karate is located at Warners Bay. The class size never exceeds 25 students per class. Unlike a lot of martial art schools where you can easily get lost in the crowd, each student at Newcastle Karate receives focused instruction by the senior instructors teaching within the class. Many martial arts schools have a "McDonald's style" commercialised focus, putting business and profits before the student outcomes. Our school is the perfect combination of dedicated martial arts enthusiasts, with a variety of martial arts backgrounds, bringing years of experience to each and every class. Please have a read of the student testimonials to see what our students have to say about Newcastle Karate. Training days are Mondays and Thursdays. Individual class start times are as follows; 4:30pm - Karate Cubs Class (ages 5 to 8) 5:15pm - Karate Kids Class (ages 8 to 12) 6:15pm - Adults TMA Class 7:45pm - Adults MMA Class Cost: $59 per month for once a week training $79 per month for twice a week training $40 per month for blackbelts