Neurohacker Collective

We are Neurohackers. We come from a variety of backgrounds - some scientific, some entrepreneurial, some formal, a lot learned through direct experience and trial and error. What we have in common is a shared understanding of the potential of Neurohacking and a shared commitment to the principle of Empowered Responsibility. We believe that humans work best when they are empowered with everything they need to make the best decisions they can and when they take responsibility for making those decisions. We aren’t here to tell you what to do - and we certainly don’t expect you to do or trust anything based on our say so! We are here to invite you to participate with us - to learn the science, to do the research, to commit your own information and your own experience into our shared understanding and to take Empowered Responsibility for your own neurology. A few years ago, we took a look at the current state of the art in Neurohacking and felt a need to come together to try and make it better. There’s a lot of noise and confusion out there (yes, we’re looking at you, “secret limitless pill of the elite”). Our solution is this venue for the vetting, curation, co-creation and sharing of the science, art and technology of Neurohacking. And when we see a way to level up the whole category with products, services or events that are sorely needed and that we are uniquely positioned to provide, we will do so. Thus far our energy here has been on formulating the highest quality “nootropic stack” that we can make available to the general public. As experienced Neurohackers know, even the best supplements available on the market are a far cry from what is possible. So we’ve tried to put something together that can give anyone access to some of the real potential of Neurohacking. (learn about Qualia). Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We already have formulations in the lab for a whole variety of stacks and if you’d like to get involved more directly in the research, contact us here [link] to inquire about research membership. Don’t expect to get a rapid response, however. We’ve got a huge backlog of cool stuff we want to roll out and it might take a while to get back to you.