Neighbourhood Cinema

Neighbourhood cinema is a pop up cinema! Classic & Cult films popping up in your neighbourhood. Now taking bookings for our themed christmas cinema coming to Buckinghamshire this winter: THE ICE PALACE Neighbourhood cinema has discovered an enchanted nordic ice palace hidden deep within a 100 yr old Church in Buckinghamshire. Journey through a secret passage way and enter the forgotten ice kingdom as we invite you on an magical adventure into your very own winter wonderland. Enter the enchanted palace and snuggle up under snow capped trees and pine cones. Visit the ice bar and sip on our signature frozen mulled wine - watch in awe as the enchantment of the palace takes hold and it over flows with liquid ice. Snuggle down to watch your favourite Christmas film and feast on popcorn, mince pies and all your festive favourites. This will truly be a Christmas experience you'll never forget.