Natural Solutions by Carrie Dulani

Due to requests by our 28K Instagram followers, we now have our own eLearn course and provide consultations and training sessions to individuals wanting to learn how to make their own products and get natural solutions into their home. Most people don't even realise that they have choices when it comes to their health. Throughout history, natural solutions have been used for health however over the more recent years there has been a modern approach to health care. People are returning to natural solutions because they are natural, effective and safe. Natural solutions have sustained health and wellness for over thousands of years and can be traced back to 3,500BC where the Egyptians used plant extracts for health, cosmetic and religious purposes. Contact me for further information or if you have any questions!! Im always happy to help!! More about me: I'm a lover of all things that are holistic and natural from yoga, meditation, alternative medicines, whole foods, mindfulness, love and non-toxic personal care. I am most passionate about nutritional health and wellbeing and creating a range of personal care products that are safe to use and are non-toxic to the system. So many companies and personal care products on the market today are full of chemicals and are misleading people into thinking their products are safe to use or are "organic" but are completely laced with chemicals that are toxic to the system. Most "natural" products are certified organic - and contain a small amount of organic ingredients and have a heap of chemicals, which most people are not aware of. Chemicals are cheap ingredients, 100% organic products are costly to make and are sometimes create products that are inconsistent but that the beauty of nature. Each time you make a dish to eat, there are always variables depending on the natural ingredients your cooking with. Creating personal care products from nature is the same. Don't fall for the clever marketing tactics companies use to make you think products are natural and safe, and don't fall for certified organic - it is a false security most people rely on. When I discovered there were NO products on the market that were 100% safe to use, I decided to create my own products for personal use. A few months later my friends and family wanted me to make products for them to use at home and that is how my product range came about. Now we spend our time sharing the knowledge and showing others how to make their own products and use oils to treat their health concerns. Our products are 100% natural, safe and free from chemicals. Our products contain nut oils which are high in nutrients for the skin and contain many benefits. Our products do not contain anything that is detrimental to the body or that compromises the system. Our products have no stabilisers or fillers. We will never be certified organic because even the certification allows a percentage of non-organic and chemicals to be part of the formula! As our products are 100% made from organic ingredients and contain no chemicals, the certification serves no purpose to us or to our customers. We want to give our customers 100% visibility and transparency in relation to our products and we only use ingredients that you would easily recognise by reading the ingredient label - no weird numbers, no long pharmaceutical names that you have no idea what it means, just simple ingredients a child would be able to recognise and understand that they are good for you and not harmful. If you have any questions or would like a particular product added to our range, please feel free to email me, Im always up for a good chat. ​ Love, ​ Carrie xoxo