Precious Little Gift

Precious Little Gift is the Sole Distributor of ''Natural Organic'' in Malaysia. Natural Organic baby wipes made in Korea and being produced with safe ingredients sed for cosmetic and its safety is certified from internal and external authorized testing institutions after going through more than 100 tests. Natural Organic is safe baby wipes ''Certified by Five country such as England, United State, Germany, Japan and Korea''. You can use them without any worries about irritation, toxicity and allergy. Why Natural Organic Baby Wipes? * It is a certified product that passed a strict clinical test for the first time in Korea and also an atopy and allergy hazardous substance standard test. * It is a non-toxic baby wipes registered as medical supplies when its safety was certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). * It is a product certified as non-irritating baby wipes after passing a strict clinical skin test at a prestigious clinical test agency. * Newborn babies can also use it because it was certified as baby wipes for infants and toddlers after pass a rigorous testing on safety. * Don't have to worry about harmful bacteria and moulds as it uses 99.9% antibacterial-certified safe packages that attained antibacterial S mark for the first time in Korea. On our Facebook Page we will keep you informed about the new products, brand collaborations, company announcements and a whole lot more. Precious Little Gift will source for the quality baby products to pamper your precious little one. Stay tuned!