Natural Motion Health

Discover your body's natural motion... Our goal is to help you live the optimal life you deserve, by combining healthy eating, regular exercise and fascial stretch therapy. We provide a complete service to help you burn fat and move freely without pain so you can enjoy doing all of the things you love to do :) Here at Natural Motion, we offer Fascial Stretch Therapy, Meal Planning, Personal Training and Group Fitness Classes. Our Fitness Classes include: - Boot Camps - Pound Fit - Strong By Zumba - Stretch Flow & Foam Roll - Meal Prep Workshops - Yoga Workshops - Acro Yoga Try one of our unique classes...Rockout and Workout with Pound Fit. A fun new fitness class that uses drumsticks (Ripstix) and popular music to give you a great workout. Have fun while getting in shape...Strong by Zumba is a high-intensity training session led by music that was recorded specifically for each exercise. Some moves include: squats, lunges, burpees, pushups, crunches, and many many more. Or try one of our fat burning boot camps. Our boot camps are specifically designed to help you burn fat, drop inches from your waist and leave you with more energy to last you throughout the day. We offer 3 different styles; Body Burn, Rise & Sweat, and The Power 1/2 Hour. All of our fitness classes are for all skill levels, each exercise is modifiable to suit your needs. Our saying is that you do what you can and always keep progressing!!! View our class schedule here ==> Once you've tried a few of our classes you might be feeling a little sore and would enjoy a full body stretch. You can then book a first-time FST Trial. Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a table based assisted stretching technique that works with your breath to help you achieve a deeper, more profound stretch than you could on your own. Some of the benefits include: - Reduced joint and muscle pain - Reduce back pain - Increased flexibilty - Stress and tension relief - Increased bloodflow - Improved mobility - And many more Book your first-time FST Trial on our website ==> We also offer a variety of different workshops...check our website for more info.