Narcissist Support Group

Welcome to our new Facebook page #Narcissism #Support Group!! This page is intended to create #awareness and community of support for those of us victims who have been abused in all the many many ways that Narcissists abuse us all across the United States as well as across the world. Its goal and mission is to provide a sense of community, a place to meet others like ourselves who have been Scapegoated at home, work and School due to this abuse. Narcissist Support Group is also intended to provide a yearly or bi-annual Convention for Narcissism Survivors to gather for those of us who like MANY of us want to find new family and friends like ourselves (since most of us have LOST most of our family due to SMEARS) to attend fellowships where we can gather, learn and converse, have some fun, build friendships,provide education, relative advice, to also assist with finding jobs/employment with those employers who understand an employee of whom has been abused by a Narcissist/s and the symptoms that they bring to work due to the abuse. Examples of this are depression,anxiety,lateness, flighty/unfocused times due to worry and fear issues stemming from home-life while on the job (as most of us have probably held SEVERAL jobs over the years). The hope for Narcissist Support Group is to later be a very self sufficient Organization of which can also contribute financially through donations and contributions from members from this community (if the member would like) to help those here in serious need who are suffering from being abused and trying to find a way out in order to help them get out and STAY out and away and regroup from their abuser without the ever so prevalent FEAR of "What if I lose my job and need somewhere to go"?.....(because once reporting or abandoning any Narcissist we ALL know you WILL indeed be 'smeared', harmed and hurt and potentially homeless and possibly have little to no family left that may be willing to hear or help you). Any donations or contributions would also be helpful and used in keeping NSG going and would be used for the Administration costs and staffing as well as NSG Conventions for healing because we want to be able to KEEP great people on board to continue to have this Global Resource available to those who really need it! :) These reasons are precisely the EXACT reason this community has been created!! help others like ourselves in the various ways only Narcissistic raised children of abuse would ever understand! Feel free to invite a friend or even a family member to this page who could use some information about Narcissism or someone you know who is currently suffering or dealing with abuse. As a team, together we can build awareness about this life changing mental disorder and illness that has severely impacted and most certainly devastated all our lives. For those who are new and have private questions that you would like feedback on, please also join us within our "CLOSED" group page here to pose all your questions and concerns privately. It is requested that you please do NOT Block the Admins or Moderators for approval. Thank you! *We will eventually have our own signature graphics up also.*(Graphic Designers...Please send a message-A Logo is needed)* Lets share and help each other together!! If there is a service or suggestion you can provide to help get this moving please get in touch thru messaging your ideas and suggestions or any help you would be able to provide. Again, WELCOME ALL and we look forward to personally meeting every one of you in time and hearing your stories!!