Naomi Simson

You may know me as the Red Shark from Channel Ten's Shark Tank, but before all that started I founded two of Australia’s first tech success stories - and RedBalloon. From being a newly crowned mother with just an idea back in 2001, with a lot of hard work my first entrepreneurial venture has become an international leader in selling experiences, having now served more than 3.5 million customers worldwide. Recently I penned a few books based on all the things I’ve learnt from my corporate career, entrepreneurship and motherhood - 'Live What You Love', and 'Ready to Soar’. Fast forward to today, I have many labels: entrepreneur, speaker, director, mother, author, blogger, innovator and a passionate individual just to name a few. Now, I want to help the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and small business owners alike. I’m more than happy to share what I’ve learnt from my career over on Since 2006, I’ve managed to write over 1200 posts on my blog, so I hope you can find some inspiration and learnings among them. Join me on my Facebook page and my small business community, where we look to learn, inspire, motivate and help each other become the future of Australian business. Check it all out at