My Zestful Life - with Stephanie Hoffman

I started this business with one goal in mind, ok… two! I wanted to help others to acheive growth and success in their businesses WITHOUT enduring all the pain, struggle, and money loss that I had seen in my first business. I also wanted to be able to FINALLY see a way out of the student loan debt we were faced with (over $130k!) and to start living the life I had always dreamt of! A life of freedom, one of financial freedom, AND with the freedom to travel! So, I took the knowledge that I had from my previous two businesses, learned a shit-ton of online strategy, and in just May of 2016, started My Zestful Life! In just 6 months I had more than doubled my monthly income (pulling in over $10k months!) and in just 10 months I was able to retire my husband from his ‘mundane job’ and we hit the road at the beginning of 2017 in our brand new Fifth Wheel Camper, and now travel the U.S. full-time! I share this story with you, because these dreams you have, these wild and crazy ‘hair-brained’ ideas… they can happen! Because, GF, I am in the business of helping YOU grow your business, all while making sure that it FEELS GOOD to you, AND that it works! Together we can take these dreams you have, and create the business that will be the fuel for you to be living the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS!