I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was 30 years old. While I would not really consider myself an athlete, I do enjoy staying active, personal challenges and well pizza. I was told that everything needed to change, and my life changed. It has been four years, and while they were right about the pizza, I have found that most everything else is the same. I now find it motivating to have diabetes, I have a reason to run five miles, and I am proud of maintaining a sensible diet that lowers my numbers. I have also come across some products that make life easier for me, and had some ideas that would make life even better for me and my fellow diabetics. MyType was started to give diabetics, Type 1 and Type 2, pride rather than hopelessness, and maybe a few simple products that will make life easier. I personally use everything that we sell, the ideas for everything be it a T-Shirt with a funny saying, or a product that organizes your test strips came from my personal need. I figure if I found it useful, others will too. This is a new venture, we don’t have many products yet but we’ll get there, and when we do a portion of our profits will go to help research a cure. Diabetes doesn’t slow you down, it just makes everything you do well more impressive.