My Swft

With some of today's most popular travel booking sites offering over a million hotels each, where on earth (literally!) do you start? We are three old friends setting out to answer to that question. We recognise that too much choice makes it harder to choose so we've set up a team ready and prepared to help you make up your mind. To be truly effective, this team needs to specialise, which is why we've launched snow holidays first! We've linked up with the best ski holiday providers in Europe so we can offer the biggest selection of ski holidays out there! Now, for you guys, we want our service to be free. So our agreements ensure you get the lowest prices available and we don't charge our customers a penny for the service. (Our suppliers pay us a small commission on the sales, just like any other travel site!) We recognise that today's traveller doesn't want to visit a high street travel agent (gap year style) and, really, who likes sitting on hold to a company for 20minutes during their lunch break? We believe you should be able to chat to a company like you would a friend, especially when planning something as personal as a holiday, and that's why our team is available on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, so you can chat to us anytime, anywhere. Welcome to My Swft, your free travel concierge. We can't wait to help plan your next trip.