My Perfect Neighbour-Steel Made Beautifully

We make what we love, we love what we do! We choose our name because we believe in building communities by being great neighbours. At My Perfect Neighbour, we design rustic signs that celebrate families. We love what we do, because it’s who we are. Our family shapes us into who we become and we want you to be proud of your roots and celebrate the people in your life. A husband and wife team, we work side by side to bring you a custom sign that is visually appealing and emotionally special. Our custom signs are handcrafted and painted with a stylish, rustic finish. We love the joy our signs bring to a home, and love even more the feedback we get from our customers. Every sign we make has its own personality and rustic appeal. No two signs will ever look the same so you’ll have a truly one of a kind piece. Our customers like to give our signs to the special people in their lives for many occasions: • the perfect and unique wedding gift • a great housewarming gift • a lovely anniversary gift • or if you want to celebrate your family, a great gift for you and your home We feel blessed to be a part of your home. Please email: for pricing or any other inquiries