Located in Werribee, the heart of Melbourne’s west, Mynt is at your service, on your doorstep. You know… the local. What’s the lituation on Friday? Glad you asked. Hip Hop, Disco, House and straight fire with More Bump. Hosted by Deppers, Deeb & Donohue meaning you’re in good hands. Same crew, new digs, more vibe. Sweeter than sweet, peaches and cream, we at the bar… on the lean. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Yes and yes. It’s the POW! you know and love, now every Saturday. Re-introducing live music and reclaiming every party jam & sing-along from the last century, we’re building on the best bits of those freaky Fridays you lost your voice. Welcoming back old friends & high fiving the new, join us as POW! becomes the local Saturday night and your place for Party DJ’s, Live music and a bangin' Beer Garden. Say hi, say thanks, say bye. 9pm – 4am every Friday & Saturday. 185 Watton St, Thirty thirty. @myntlounge