*.*Fall In Love*.*

♫•*¨*•�*.*Fall In Love*.*� � ♫•*¨*• Handmade Corner_手工饰品,配件专区 ♫•*¨*•♥Handmade Collection♥手工饰品♥♫•*¨*• ღ Each piece of jewelry handmade by me with full of Love & wish, I really hope “You” can be the one *.*Fall In Love*.* to my design and with my little wish can bring you a happiness ♥ (。◕‿◕。 ♥ ♥.¸¸.•*¨ when you wear its.. ღ 这里的每一件小物,都是店主到处搜罗回来的宝贝。这里每一件小物都有它们自己の故事。 店主希望经过精心的点缀,小物の人生小故事能加以灿烂夺目、充满着希望与幸福。。就如我们的人生一样。。 每一次系统消息的提示,我并不是仅仅为卖了一件宝贝而高兴,而是有人和我喜欢同样的宝贝...... 我真的希望我的每一件宝贝能找到喜欢它们的主人,我的小小心願,可以為你帶來 ♥ ♫•*¨*• 。希望。幸福。♥ ♫•*¨*• *.* 联系方式 Contact *.* WhatsApp: +6012-2318732 WeChat: CareBeauties / +6012-2318732 E-mail:fallinloveshop@yahoo.com Facebook Inbox *.*付款方式 Payment Method*.* 您可以银行柜台汇款或网络银行直接转账到我的 Maybank银行账户 Payments can be made via Internet at http://www.maybank2u.com.my or http://www.pbebank.com/ or by cash deposit at any Maybank counters or ATM 银行账户资料通过邮件通知 We will send you our account details once we receive your order. 汇款后,请通知我们您汇入的您账户的姓名+金额+汇款日期 Please send an email at fallinloveshop@yahoo.com or WeChat once you have bank in the money with the following details:- Your Name Total Amount Paid Beneficiary Bank *.*邮寄方式 SHIPPING & CHARGE*.* 所有货物还没包邮费的。Price listed do not include postage POS LAJU Peninsular Msia 西马 – RM8 Sabah/Sarawak 东马 – RM 15 请确保邮寄地址有人签收邮包。 Please note that the post requires sign off upon delivering. Therefore, please ensure that there will be receiving party to receive your items 请位亲爱的顾客一定要读取和遵守以下的规则,以免在交易时有不必要的纠纷及误会哦 Kindly read and follow the trading rules, to avoid any misunderstanding or argument occur. -所有商品价钱是定价,不能折扣。 -Products prize are FIXED, no discount -货物出门恕不退换/退款 NO CANCEL or CHANGES are allowed once payment is made -所有货物都不包邮哦 All products are excluding posting fee. -请在預购期截止前付款,如还未在购期截止前付款,那您的订单会被取消哦。 Please do bank in before pre-order closing date; Order will be cancelled after expiry closing date. -如果您的产品的款额不是整数的话,您可以先付给我们整数款额。寄货时我们也会退回余额给您。(例子: 款额RM 56, 您可先付RM 60, 我们会退回RM 4 给您.) If the payment of the product is not an integer amount, MMs can bank in to us with over Payment 1st. We will send back the balance when we are posting product to MMs. (Example: Actual payment is RM 56, MMs pay us RM 60 1st, we will return RM 4 to MMs.) -如果遇上缺货,我们会退款给您, 请顾客们放一百个心! *Full amount will be refunded to MMs if the ordered item is out of stock -商品图档顏色会因每台电脑显示器不同的设置而产生不同的色调, 所以荧幕設定的不同,顏色会略有差異,一切以商品实际顏色为准。图片只供参考,请各位多多见谅。。 Material may differ or not 100% match with the picture displayed, size differences, some small stain which depending on each PC’s resolution setting. -如在预购/邮寄的过程中有任何损坏或遗失恕不负责哦, 我们会确定产品在邮寄之前包扎好以及完美无损。 All items will be examined and inspect by us before goods are beings sent out. We will not hold the responsibility for any material discrepancies once order is being placedSee More TERMS AND CONDITIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬�▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬●