My Boutique Business by Tom + Nickelle Weekes

MY STORY: I was your Typical SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) of 4 that was looking to create another source of income, other than Student Loans, while the Husband went back to school... So I created from the ground up an Online (E-commerce) Women's Clothing Boutique and launched it in November 2010. I Pioneered the way with a lot of Hard Work, Sacrifices and Long Nights in creating an Incredible Full Time income for my Family of 6 along with employing others. I started and ran the business from my home for almost 5 years and then in an office space, not far from the house for almost 2 years. I ran that 7 figure business Successfully, selling Millions of dollars worth of Products along with capturing a very Loyal Audience / Following and then I Sold it (Yes! you read that right... I Sold it!) in the Fall of 2016. The things I have learned about myself by running a business are unimaginable but the Knowledge & Personal Experience I gained from being a Mom Boss, Girl Boss, Lady Boss, etc. are Priceless. Just one of the many Strengths I learned about myself through running my Business was that I'm Extremely Passionate in helping others and seeing them become Happy and Successful! I'm embarking on this Strength along with providing my personal experiences of trial and error in running a Business, Raising a Family and keeping my Marriage Together through it all. Read more about some of these Experiences on My Blog >