My Bayon

Bayon is a temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia with over 200 smiling faces. Also known as the smiling temple; to us Bayon represents change and diversity. Our life and its journey of ups and downs, which has lead us to this venture, still brings a smile amongst all of our faces. We seek to bring more and more smiles to our customers by offering authentic home cooking to the people of Perth. To share the unexplored culture and Cuisine that is truly Khmer (Cambodian). All our food is homemade with love and authenticity, recipes passed down from our grandparents, mother, sisters and brothers of mixed South East Asian Culture. Our mixed background offers a fusion of funky western vibes and a mixture of Thai and Vietnamese influence, however predominantly Khmer. We hope you enjoy our homely food and what we call 'Our Temple' 'Think Flavour, Remember My Bayon'