SPOND - invitations and groups Spond makes it easy to organize groups for either children or adults, and you can invite to events, share posts and pictures. Spond handles sending out invites through either SMS, email or app and collects all the answers to give you a full overview. * People don't need the app to respond - we will send invitations by SMS or email. * Get a overview of who has answered and send reminder to people who does not answer. * Organize child groups where parents can answer on behalf of children. * Use “Main groups and sub groups”, which create an easy solution for larger groups of people consisting of several teams. * Import member lists from Excel. * Send out invitations automatically. Whether it's repetitive, or from a "match schedule" you can easily upload on Spond (web) before the season. * Easy to schedule multiple events. * Receive payments through Spond. If a team for example needs to collect money for sports attire, or to attend a sporting event, you can set the event to paid attendance. * Share information, pictures or updates with posts. * Add multiple administratores and organize the group together. * Choose which players should be invited to the different events (everyone does not always need to be invited). * Export list of participants for events. * Suggest additional dates or time. Let the invitees vote, and select the suggestion most can participate. * Seamless integration with your calender. * Drop e-mail and sms chaos, "maybe" on Facebook and Excel sheets. Everything is free.