is unique because it is owned and operated by real business owners who actually sell their own services and products. Yep you heard that right, we’re not just some guys who put together a website”… We actually DO THIS STUFF! (And we’re pretty dang good at it too) One of the major keys to success of any company lies in the ability to properly manage and assess the financial performance of your business. Most individuals who start a business want to make a living or build wealth from the endeavor. For many, the desire to be your own boss and escape from the shackles of traditional employment is part of the motivation, but the bottom line usually comes down to attaining some form of financial success so that you are not living from paycheck to paycheck. You’ve watched the television shows where a consultant comes to town charged with the monumental task of transforming an underperforming business into a thriving profit machine. What if you could put that consultant’s secrets to work whenever you need, 24/7? is here to do just that. The American dream… Start a business and gain financial freedom… All too often, however, this dream becomes a nightmare and the company falls into financial strain, feeds on your time, and sucks your life away. Tired of the rollercoaster ride? Tired of being unable to spend time with your family and friends? Has the business become your life? Can you remember the last time you had a day off? Become a member of and take control. teaches how to turn your business around. Just like the experts on television, you will learn the keys to success through your numbers. Then repeat the step-by-step process to stabilize and then maximize profit potential. The best part — once you learn the method you will be able to apply it over and over again to continue successful growth. Do the right thing for you and your business. Make it work for you. Take control of your dreams and become a member of! provides the online financial tools your small business requires in order to properly manage your financial goals and lead your company to financial freedom. Times are hard but they do not have to be. MyOverhead is here to insure your business runs profitably, even in the worst economic climate.