Our story started when we made the decision to adopt Moly, our Beago. We made the decision as a family to go to our local SPCA. If we could save a Dog in the process why not. Moly was at that time 4 years old. And in her last days of life. It was scedule that she would be put to sleep the next day. She was found on the side of a highway, scared of all humans and Severely Malnouris. They clearly told us that she would need a lot of love and some special care. Moly has been part of our family for almost a year now. She found in us a loving family. And we found in her the most Intelligent, affectionate and totally adorable puppy girl! Our Mission with MugsforLove is to help this Fantastic Organization full of Volunteers working so hard to save wonderful pets like our Moly. While buying your, you will feed a pet for a week. We done $4.00 for each Mug Sold. How Nice is this!