Mo'Zen Wellness - Sustainable + Balanced Living

Life is about doing what you love, and loving what you do! I'm Jessica Silverman, Founder of Mo'Zen Wellness & Wholistic Health Coach helping women EMPOWER themselves to live a healthy+ inspired life! With all the noise out there in the wellness space, I found my passion by helping women understand that living healthy can be SIMPLE. This means you can integrate healthy habits into your everyday life through small changes over time. Mo'Zen Wellness was birthed to share my story, hoping I can inspire you to begin your journey towards the life you have always dreamed of. Within you is the ability to change anything, be anything, and together we can change the world. The leap of faith is scary, but fear without physical harm is simply a compass telling you which way to go. Feelings are infectious. Just as a sad song can sadden an entire audience, a positive word can make ripples far beyond our imagination. Together, we can ignite the spark within you to live the spirit of LASTING change...or as I like to call it, LIVING YOUR VIBRANT LIFE!