Mongrel Joe's

Mongrel Joe's is a high octane coffee created for those who love high performance workouts and want to unleash their inner "mongrel". In our world, a mongrel is a good thing. A "never give up, never give in" fighter, a tough workout lover, a puncher above their weight. A mongrel is a man or woman. A mongrel leaves nothing on the workout floor. What's so mongrel about Mongrel Joe's? 1. It enhances physical performance - perfect before and after workouts. 2. It's the best tasting performance coffee in the world. 3. It's perfect with grass fed butter, MCT Oil or other performance additives. 4. It's high in caffeine. 5. It's low in side effects like 'jitters' or 'shakes'. 6. It has a longer shelf life and great anyway you make it - espresso, plunger, stovetop or filter.