Sara Larson - The Mommy Mogul

Hailing from a small town, of less than 150 people, people never knew that it was possible for someone to make an income from home. I have been doubted, put down, and people have gossiped about me because I have gone down a different route than many of my hometown. Years ago, when I first started in network marketing/direct sales, I was struggling financially and there was a lot going on in my life. Every month I agonized having to borrow money from my parents. My salon job just wasn’t cutting it. I got to a point where I decided I had to be my own business owner, but haven’t NO idea what it was going to truly cost me to create freedom. I was desperate to figure this out. So at age 20, I began the process to open a salon. I figured this was the way to go and the way to become financially stable and independent. I sought out investors and spent over $30,000 trying to get my dream salon open. Shortly after deciding I wanted to open my salon, I had found out I was pregnant. This was one of my scariest moments of my life, as I had no idea what to expect. There was no way I could open the salon NOW… I have a baby on the way – I remember thinking over and over and over. So I walked away from my dream, I had to pay back my parents a ton of money, and cried myself to sleep at night over the stress of leaving the salon’s 5 year lease, worth $250,000. But after every trial, comes blessing. At the age of 21, I had had my beautiful daughter, Willow, and although I was still losing everything with the lease, my life had purpose. Becoming a mom was the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Financially, I was literally upside down. Seeing my business fail, I felt broken, like a failure, hopeless, and really no longer believed in myself. I knew something had to change…. In January of 2014, I decided to join a Network Marketing Business. I finally found a way out of the desperate hole I dug myself into. Within 30 days, I was making over full time income, every month, and I had also earned a large bonus, from my company. THIS was the change that I needed and this was when I knew that a small investment was all it took to get have my own business. Just over two years later, here I am. I have two gorgeous little girls and am living my life, the way that I’m supposed to be. I have had incredible support from friends and family and have met so many amazing, strong, and motivated men and women. I want to help thousands of mothers, around the world, successfully be able to make an income from home. I want mothers to know that they are appreciated and that it’s okay to splurge on themselves and not feel guilty about it. My knowledge of business automation and written persuasion is what allows me to help others build businesses that work hard for them day and night and not the other way around. My website is for those who struggle with their home based businesses. For those who struggle with gaining new clients and team members, for those who have issues keeping customers from dropping off, those who do not know how to close a sale, and those who know how to be a leader. I find so many new Mommy Moguls, are struggling balancing being a mom, and building her business. With all the marketing tactics, like social media and advertisement – how does one TRULY STAND OUT? That’s my gift and expertise. I have done this effectively to the tune of thousands of dollars per month. In my pajamas! From home! You may be one of many who has gotten to the point where your monthly income safely covers all of your expenses…. And then you start wondering about bigger issues. You begin thinking to yourself “What am I gaining from this?” The problem is that you have only set personal goals and haven’t looked at the big picture. When you live life only for yourself in an ego state, it becomes meaningless and indulgent. Some Mommy Moguls work so hard and have no life simply because their business consumes all of them. The solution to this all is to not make more sales, but to make your life more meaningful. Giving back to others and being passionate about life is a great place to start. I will show you how to build an online business and automate your income. I have gone through many failures and successes to achieve my eventual wealth. I will also encourage you to reach your financial goals and go beyond what you have ever imagined you could do.