Modnpod Cardboard Creations

Really who hasn't in their life created something using CARDBOARD… Google are even using it! Modnpod is a small family business; born with our daughters LOVE of cardboard in mind we went to work on our Kids range. Being such a great medium to encourage expressions of creativity and imaginative play it’s perfect for hours of entertainment. Our family then had the opportunity recently to help an abandoned neighbour’s cat that quickly became a family member and so with Kwazi now in mind our Cat range was also born. (BTW Lucky it wasn’t a fish, or I think we might have needed another medium ;) It’s strong, durable, sustainable and its insulation property’s make it perfect for our furry friends at any time of year. 100% Recyclable and our ranges are also Eco-friendly and made using recycled materials. Our kids range comes flat packed and ready to assemble. And the majority of our cats range (also perfect for guineapigs and rabbits we’ve been told.. wink wink nudge nudge) comes all ready to use. We would love to see your creations and pictures so please send them through. With love from our family to yours... Enjoy!