Modern Power Solutions

Modern Power Solutions PTY LTD was started in the garage of our founder in 2006 - Back then the company was known as SebNet. Our first products consisted of a small range of Pop Up Power Points, and from the success of these items, we managed to quickly expand our product range and our business as a whole; thanks to our young, entrepreneurial and innovative team who all share a common passion for supplying simple and innovative solutions to the global market. As a team, we value the importance of great customer service and see the true benefit it can bring to us as a business. Very rarely does an email go unread within 10 minutes of receiving it, even if we are at home and off the clock. At Modern Power Solutions we are a 100% Australian owned business, which primarily manufactures innovative products internationally. We work out of a small office, and warehouse facility based in Sydney where our team interact with customers and deal with suppliers, globally. Whilst we primarily focus our efforts on the Australian market, we have recently began planning an international expansion into other regions such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Our drive comes from interacting with customers and listening to what type of products they want. As such our main focus as a business is to find new technologically advanced solutions that make the day-to-day life of consumers easier. A prime example of this can be seen in our vast range of personal transportation devices which we have developed significantly based on the feedback of our customers. In fact, we regularly get together with a group of our loyal customers who give recommend functionalities that would make there life easier at home, in the office and even in the car!