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Our purpose is to have a positive impact as many lives as possible and to help empower 10,000 distributors achieve a full time income. MLM Nation helps you build a successful businesses by using the latest Online Duplication strategies. You will learn how to: 1) Attract Prospects Online 2) Recruit Online 3) Duplicate Online MLM Nation is led by Simon Chan who built a million dollar MLM business with over 80,000 distributors using Online Duplication strategies. Our website, blogs and podcasts all help you with the 10 Stages of Online Duplication. 1) The Correct Approach to Building Online 2) Content Creation 3) Building Your List 4) Invite Approach 5) Foolproof Followup 6) Art of the Close 7) Training New Reps 8) Promoting Events (Online and Offline) 9) Training Leaders 10) Systemize The trainings you find here are not just based on how Simon Chan's 15 years of MLM experience but also from his conversions with over 500 of the top income earners in direct selling. For more info and resources, please go to