Major League Liberty

Major League Liberty is a show where we discuss current events in a way you'll never hear on NPR or CNN. Whether we upset you or ignite you, discourse is a symptom of healthy democracy. We broadcast live on the weekends and most weekdays. Logan Schwarz, AKA Liberty Logan, is a history buff and passionate follower of political trends. Republican turned Libertarian, Logan brings a unique historical perspective and context to the discussions on our show. Louie Huey, AKA Liberty Lou, is a working class Alex Jones with a fury to match. As a former liberal and Obama supporter, he sets an example for the awoken and activated. Seth Opperman, AKA Producer Seth, AKA Big Cheese, is a designer, filmmaker, and entreprenuer. As a business owner and former Bernie Supporter, Seth woke up to the liberty movement just in the nick of time. Thanks to Logan and Lou, he now has his head screwed on right and is continually improving the quality of our brand and content. We seek to bring you an alternative dialogue to mainstream news and provide a voice for real Americans.