MioSunshine is a Malaysia online baby & kid fashion store. MioSunshine was founded by a mom who loves online shopping and dressing up own kids. Local stores in Malaysia have limited baby and kid fashion choices. Branded stores such as Zara have amazing fashion designs but the price is steep. MioSunshine is on a mission to change the situation in Malaysia. MioSunshine believes that babies and kids are living proof of preciousness of life, and fragility of the young. They are the most beautiful gifts. They are your sunshine and they're here to brighten up your days. Our sunshine deserve to dress up in amazing fashion designs and look awesome just like us moms. Boy fashion problem is particularly acute. Moms frequently comment to me that boys clothes are "similar and boring". As parents, we want the best for our sunshine. MioSunshine wants the best for YOU! You should get the best without breaking your bank. We're here to deliver great designs and deals to moms and kids. Your satisfaction is our priority. From the moment you begin browsing MioSunshine, to your first delivery, it is all about YOU. Only delivering the best to you and yet keeping an eye on your budget too. The most adorable fashion at an affordable price just for you! 2018 - MioSunshine Enterprise (SA0469802-D)