The Mimic Method

The Mimic Method is a language learning approach with one simple principle: Language is acquired through mimicry. Just as infants learned to communicate by mimicking the sounds and gestures of the people in their environment, adults ought to learn second languages by mimicking the native speakers with whom they wish to speak. No matter what your learning style, mimicry is the ONLY way to achieve real fluency in a second language. Mimicry, however, is impossible if you are unfamiliar with the sounds of your target language. Each language has its own "Flow," and as an adult, you are only capable of processing the Flow of your own native language(s). When you encounter a new set of sound patterns, or Flow, you lack the physical ability to accurately hear and recreate those sounds. Fortunately, mimicry can be trained just like anything else. In the Mimic Method, you use a special musical technique called "Rhythmic Phonetic Training" to train the Flow of your target language. The process can be as challenging as learning to play a musical instrument, but because its musical, the experience is also fun and rewarding. So come join the Flow Movement