Mike Mandel Hypnosis

Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson are dedicated to providing YOU with the highest quality hypnosis education anywhere in the world. We give away tons of free information through YouTube videos, this Facebook page and our 5-star "Brain Software with Mike Mandel" podcast, which you can find on our site or in iTunes. http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com Mike Mandel is like no other hypnosis trainer you'll ever meet. He brings you a rare mix of experience, expertise, and entertainment. Most of our students tell us other hypnosis schools are dull and boring. Mandel, on the other hand, is fun, entertaining and an amazing instructor who inspires people to get very good at this stuff. We host both ONLINE and LIVE hypnosis training events. Our online Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy is the absolute best value you can find. It's suitable for a total beginner or an experienced hypnotist. http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/academy Or for details on our live (small group) trainings go here: http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/class