Metal Madness

Carly Dillon, founder of Metal Madness, originally created the Facebook group Metal Madness for a safe place for metalheads to discuss, share, and support all different metal genres. The thing about the metal music community is that it’s made up with such passionate people. We are all so passionate about the music that we get caught up in the techinical side of it. Sometimes too much, to the point where we scare each other away with our corrections, bashing, and opinions. So Carly created the group for a place to ENJOY metal music for everything that it is. Since then the group has evolved into a huge community, Facebook page, Instagram, and more. It has allowed a team to be formed that is dedicated to serving the metal community and support underground bands. We do metal band interviews, album reviews, metal industry news, contests, and now provide merch as well. FIND US EVERYWHERE Instagram is where it's at : Online Merch Store: Tweet us at : Facebook Group of #METALHEADS : Our YouTube: Reach us via email at :