Melissa Pharr

Women Entrepreneurs, it's your time! Are you a transformational coach, spiritual mentor, or holistic practitioner looking to create your first 5K or 10K month, and be on your way to running a 6 figure business? I want to give you all of the systems and structures, to free you as a woman in business, and make 5K and 10K months your new normal. I'm Melissa Pharr, a top Wealth and Abundance Creation Coach. I'm passionate about giving you the kind of support that I wish I had given to myself to create a 6 figure business in a matter of months, instead of a few long years. I've learned to do business like a woman, and take smart, inspired action, while allowing my creative feminine side to take the lead and generate consistent 5-figure months. Once I learned how to keep my head in the game, and balance my task-master with my creative visionary side, I began having awesome breakthroughs, bringing on as many as 16 new, high-level, one-on-one coaching clients in 3 weeks! Do those sound like kind of results you want? Whether you're just beginning or already a business owner, if you... *Are tired of taking the path of incremental growth with your money and your business *Desire the money mindset of a high earner so you can feel your value, charge accordingly, and receive it! *Are willing to do whatever it takes to start living your purpose and play a bigger game *Would love to increase your income in 90 days or less! *Are ready to start allowing clients to say “yes” to your services and feel authentic and confident making an offer *Are committed to releasing doubtful financial beliefs that block you from claiming your wealth *Are 100% ready to receive more than enough money for your brilliance I'm so glad you're here! My coaching is exactly what you need.