MDI Apparel

As a former box owner, I was frustrated with the process of how I used to get apparel. Multiple times I've said to myself (and I know you have thought this too): "I need to think about so many things when this should be simple. I need a design. I need to organize pre-orders. I always get stuck with inventory. Tracking people down for their money is a huge hassle. No one takes the cut-off-date seriously. I think I'm going to make a profit, but with all the setbacks, I barely come out even. Why do I even bother?" Motivated - Register and we'll send you an on-boarding packet detailing your kick-off design, store set-up, picking your profit, and how to easily announce your new products. You and I will have a phone conversation to go over all the steps for a hassle-free apparel experience. If you have any questions, just call me Eli, at 973-400-9634. I look forward to speaking with you. Determined -MDI is determined to make this easy for you. Once you are all set up, you can sit back and relax because your box members are going to order online from your store. MDI uses direct-to-garment (DTG) printing to facilitate made-on-demand ordering. Then we ship the item(s) directly to your members. You will receive a notice in your email that a product has sold and that you just earned a commission! Inspired - You will see the positive results. Your members will be energized and you will be fostering a supportive community. Not only do members that wear your apparel provide you "free" advertising, but they want to support their community in any way they can. They will order their gear from you because by supporting their box, they understand they are contributing back to their own community.