Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy

Mark Bowden is a practicing hypnotherapist and life strategist. His hypnosis downloads can be found at This page has been created for fans and followers of Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy and also for those who are simply interested in improving their lives with self development strategies. Mark runs a hypnotherapy practice in Plymouth, UK and treats people for all manner of things from anxiety to weight loss and from pain relief to increasing self confidence. Mark sells hypnosis downloads from his website and is proud to say that his recordings have helped people all over the word, and in fact at last count he had helped people in more than 15 different countries including the United States of America, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore and the the list continues to grow. Mark is proud of the benefits that he has created for people all over the world and says that there are few better things than receiving emails from people from the other side of the world who he has never met,yet they have used his hypnosis downloads and have written to him saying how it has transformed their lives. One of Mark’s great passions is till his hypnotherapy practice in Plymouth, Devon, UK to which he says “It is fantastic when people write to me to tell me how my hypnosis downloads have changed their lives and please let me know if you have a success story of your own. One of the greatest things for me is when I work with people at my hypnosis practice in Plymouth. There is nothing quite like helping people on their journey as seeing the massive changes as people literally turn their life around. It truly is a magical experience and makes me realise that I am truly blessed with what I do”. If you would like to see Mark at his hypnotherapy practice in Plymouth then feel free to send a message here or call on 01752 318781 This page has been created as a community for fans of Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy and also for all those people who are interested in self development and self improvement. Whether it’s a lack of self confidence, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, weight loss, public speaking tips, career advancement and so on, you are bound to get some great advice on how to take your life to the next level here. Mark is consistently posting great advice, techniques and tips in writing, images and videos, so dive on in, make yourself at home and introduce yourself to the community. If you have any thoughts or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Also if you have had any experiences with Mark Bowden’s hypnosis downloads, we would love to hear how you have got on. We wish you every success for now and the future All the best From Mark and the team,