Master The Workflow

Created by Richard Sanchez ( and Lawrence Jordan( Assistant Editor Immersion is a long-form post-production workflow course for assistant editors and other aspiring filmmakers who want a career in feature films & television Lots of companies offer courses on the software, but our curriculum will show you -- in detail -- the feature film workflow from start to finish and the assistant editor’s role in running a cutting room from pre-production to final delivery. This online course applies to projects of all budget sizes. The video based modules can be completed at your own pace and are modeled on our latest film for a major studio. Whether new to the field, transitioning from other program formats, or looking to gain insight on new techniques, this course is based on years of experience. It will provide the tools one needs to get work and be successful as an assistant editor on ANY feature film. There’s a lot more to tell you, so if you’re interested in this first of its kind training let us know at: to get on our mailing list and stay updated on our launch.