Mark Rolton is CEO of Massland and is famed as the #1 Property Options expert in Australia and a leading property investment educator. Specialises in creating cashflow from real estate Mark Rolton shares his lengthy expertise and insider tips with hundreds of investors at national property seminars. Mark Rolton established Massland - a commanding force within the Property Development arena. Property Options and property investing is where Mark Rolton has . Mark Rolton has shown hundreds of Aussies how to negotiate Property Options over real estate and sell to the market, without ever being the owner of the property - eliminating risk and huge upfront costs. Mark Rolton Property Options: Mark educates students to locate the most profitable deals in emerging real estate markets across Australia. Several times a year Mark Rolton will look at graduates deals and then develop projects through to completion, where students become joint venture partners. Massland CEO Mark Rolton has over 20 years of solid experience in the construction and property industry and the success of the Massland organisation has enjoyed longevity through his entrepreneurial viewpoint and lengthy property investment experience. Seminar - Mark Rolton shares his experience and in-depth knowledge of property sectors through his property optioning and Automatic Acquisition Plan (AAP) tours. This is where he educates aspiring investors on the most astute property investing strategies including splitters, subdivisions, development, strata titling, positive cashflow, capital growth, investing in SMSF and building a positive cashflow property portfolio. If you want to learn from Mark Rolton - Massland Seminar then head to The dedication and mentorship of Mark Rolton has seen many Australian's make huge profits. You can see Mark Rolton Success Stories here - The Massland team has a significant depth of experience in Property Development, and can apply astute negotiation skills and tap into strong networks to ensure projects are sold to investors at wholesale, well below competitors prices. Mark Rolton's end goal for property investors is that there is always a good deal of equity left in every deal for investors to be able to tap into and keep moving forward and continue to invest in property. Prices Massland can offer are rivalled by very few companies in Australia today.