Mary Manin Morrissey

Mary Morrissey is a speaker, best-selling author, and coach. She specializes in the spiritual side of success and empowers individuals to gain control of their emotions and achieve clarity on their dreams. She is the president and founder of LifeSOULutions, an international company providing programs and products that transform dreams into reality. Mary has spoken three times at the United Nations, met with Nelson Mandela in Cape Town, South Africa, and co-convened and facilitated week long meetings with His Holiness The Dalai Lama and other world leaders to address the most significant issues facing our world. She is the author of two best-selling books, No Less Than Greatness and Building Your Field of Dreams which became a PBS special and recently released her latest book, The Miracle Minute. Featured in the movies The Moses Code and Beyond The Secret Mary Morrissey has also authored several audio programs, including Working With the Law and Into Your Genius with Bob Proctor.