Marvel Curves

Below is our story behind starting Marvel Curves bra, we would like to make you feel great and look amazing especially on your important events: A friend and I were chatting the other day about her wedding that is coming up really soon. She is excited and nervous and completely in love. She told me the story of how they met and what it was like to finally say ‘yes’. I was shocked at how much effort it takes to plan for such an event. She had picked out the flowers and the bridesmaids dresses. She had designed the invitations and ordered the linens. Every detail was impeccably planned. Her day was going to be the best day ever! But there was one small problem. Her dress is gorgeous, the catering- artisan, the wedding venue- a castle. My friend could not find the right bra. Really? That is the conundrum of the day? Yes. It is and we can all relate. It always boils down to the perfect bra. Am I right? Imagine the first time your to-be-husband watches you walk down the isle. You will have spent months choosing the ideal dress. What about your birthday bash that calls for a particular black strapless ensemble or a gown for an evening at the opera? The dress you pick is a priority. The shoes that will go with it are important and let’s not forget the accessories. But there is one small detail that will make the biggest difference and it isn’t your eye shadow! We all have this one thing in common. Ladies, we understand the dilemma of the bra. How is it possible that one minor element can be a such major struggle? Because it can be difficult to know how it will fit, how we will hide the straps and find the correct size. Our desires are unique and every woman has a particular something she likes best in a bra. Well ladies, We have great news for you. Your days of searching are over! This bra is hidden with no straps to fret about. It is comfortable and absolutely on point for any event-of-a-lifetime dress. Now, you can wear whatever you like for that stellar occasion without worry. You will look amazing. This bra stays where you put it with specialized adhesive and allows you to control the fit. You will feel amazing in this strapless, backless, lace up bra that provides just enough lift and the right amount of support so you can enjoy being the star of the event. p.s. Share this with your girlfriends. They will love you for it!