Macro Mike - Clean Treats

WHO IS MACRO MIKE? 5 years ago when I first started baking gluten free, macro and vegan friendly treats, I took the best quality whole foods from every corner of the world and relentlessly experimented with one simple goal. My quest was to take those ‘naughty’ foods the fat kid inside us craves, the un-macro friendly foods, often containing gluten or dairy and completely transform how we view and consume food for the better. MY MISSION My mission is to give back to anyone who feels they have ever had to restrict themselves from food; the most glorious natural resource we have on this planet. I will not stop until I get this product out there to as many people as humanly possible, continuously striving to improve people’s nutritional intake and reduce their cravings that spike from these restrictions. I wholeheartedly believe that no one’s intollerences, ethical choices or specific goals should affect or require sacrifices in their food choices.