LLR Holly and Vernon Peters

Hello! My name is LuLaRoe Holly Peters. We have made this page for easier access to our clothing albums along with daily post of what we have going on in our Shop LuLaRoe page. We are super excited to have this next step in place. Welcome to Shop VIP LuLaRoe Holly Peters Shopping Group Info Please read through all of the information and if you have any questions feel free to send all messages to lularoehollypeters@gmail.com Instead of PM’ing me. I have a large volume of questions coming in daily and some get lost through messenger. Sorry. I know it will take some getting used to :P I will try and answer all emails as they come in. But, please allow up to 24 hours before reaching back to me. Business Hours: We try to take some evenings off during the week, which are subject to change as well. I will post changes to both the shopping page as well as the Business page. If you try and contact me after the hours specified below, I will get back to you the following morning. Please understand we are running a business as well as having a family. Thank you for understanding. If you like to come and shop in the Boutique you are more than welcome to. Please email for available times. Live Sale days: We/I will go live 5 days a week and will be live on some Saturdays per Hosted Live sales. Monday: Live 11-2p (Boutique open to shop from 8-10a and 3-5p) Tuesday: Live 7p-9p (Subject to going over on time) Wednesday: Live 8a-10a & 7p-9p Thursday: Live 12p-2p (Boutique open to shop from 3p-5p) Friday: Live 8a-10a & 8p-10p (Friday Nights are subject to longer in the evening hours) Saturday: Live 8a-10a (Coffee with Holly) Unless a pop up is booked for this day Sunday: Church and Family time unless a pop up booked How to Shop: Customer registration: Please fill out the customer registration form. Make sure you use your exact FACEBOOK NAME you are registering. This information will be used when we invoice you after a sale is completed. You need to please double check your email address to make sure it is correct as well. Please click on this link to do so. https://goo.gl/forms/uP5EyWLOXwdqYfqW2 PLEASE make sure you register prior or immediately following the LIVE sale. Live Sales: The first person we see comment ROE and the number corresponding to the item is who will get the item in their bin. DO NOT ROE an item and then back out of it please. We/I will state if we have a duplicate of the item and the next person will be allowed to claim it next. If you have credit or LuLaCash (which I have a log of please send me a message to verify with a picture of the LuLaCash certificate to lularoehollypeters@gmail.com WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR NON-PAYMENT/FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE. Non-payment will result in removal from the shopping group unless you have contacted me. I totally understand that things do happen, but ask kindly to let me know ASAP by emailing me. lularoehollypeters@gmail.com Invoices: Your invoice will come through Bless, LuLaRoe’s official invoicing and payment processing system. We use the email you provided on the registration form based on the Facebook name of the person who claimed the item(s). It is very important that you make sure you are entering the correct info on the link above. If you have a question about your invoice please send me a message by email. lularoehollypeters@gmail.com and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. Invoicing timeline: We begin invoicing immediately follow our LIVE sale is completed. Unless I am LIVE multiple times during said day. Once all of the invoices have been sent for the day I will post on Facebook that the INVOICES have been SENT. If you do not see your invoice by the following morning please comment on the post and I will resend it to you. If there are questions about your invoice do not PM me please send me an email at lularoehollypeters@gmail.com. MYSTERY GRAB BAGS: Mystery Grab Bags are FINAL SALE. They all contain fun things that you will love. Some have extra items in them or LuLaCash. Credits and LuLaCash CANNOT be applied towards the Mystery Grab bags since there are extras in each bag already. The prices vary on the style of Grab Bag we are doing at that time. Disney Collection (Must Read): LuLaRoe Disney Collection- Due to our obligation we are not allowed to discount Disney items. That means NO LuLaCash can be used towards Disney items. Disney items returned for credit may be used toward the purchase of another Disney item. If a regular LuLaRoe item is returned for credit it may NOT be applied toward the purchase of a Disney item. Payments: Please pay your invoice WITHIN 24 hours of receipt. If you have a question about your invoice please email me at lularoehollypeters@gmail.com. Please DO NOT claim an item and NOT pay the invoice. Failure to pay will result in the removal from our shopping group. LuLaCash is valid for 14 days from the date that it is issued. I keep a log of all the LuLaCash winners and cross them off once redeemed or expired. Taxes: Taxes are on your invoices and will show the tax in my area and may or may not change once you log in to pay your invoice depending on your location. Store Credit/Exchange Policy: We are more than happy to issue a store credit or exchange on an item within 14 days of the receipt. Please email me if you would like to do so at lularoehollypeters@gmail.com. The item must have the tags still on it and not been worn. Please do not send an item back without contacting me first. All item(s) must be sent within 7 days of the return approval. If it is not returned in that 7 days period your exchange will be cancelled. ALL Mystery Grab Bags, Mystery Items or Roulette Items are FINAL SALE. Shipping: Shipping and handling is $6.00 for 1-2 items and 3 or more ships for FREE. I try and ship within 24 hours of payment per business day and time invoice is paid. Giveaways: All giveaway items are processed and shipped out within 5 business days. If you are in the QUEUE or a consultant, please do not enter our giveaways per the LLR ethics Guidelines. Local Pick Up: I live south of Burlington on the Vet clinic road. If you would like to pick your items up, please send me an email at lularoehollypeters@gmail.com, stating so immediately following the sale so I do not invoice for shipping. I will email you directions to where I live. And I will have your items ready for you on the table by my front door if I am not home. We have new items coming in weekly. We change things up all the time so stay tuned to our Shopping page as well as the Business page. We are a fun Shopping Community and enjoy hanging out with each of you. We have a ton of fun on our LIVE sales. We appreciate you all being a part of our LuLaRoe Family. Thank you for all of your support. We thank you for all of your business and support. Phil 4:13