LuLaRoe Holly Michelle

Welcome to LuLaRoe with Holly Michelle!! This page is dedicated to keeping you updated with upcoming events, news, and fashion tips! We also encourage you to share your feedback as well. LuLaRoe was created by a woman who was tired of wearing boring, unoriginal clothes and decided to start making clothes for her own family. Then the light bulb went off with an idea! Make, create, design clothes at an affordable price that are comfortable and unique! The fabrics used are designed, approved and cut into as many patterns and sizes to create all new styles each time. There is no catalog to shop from; only on our FB page. The great part is don't have to worry that everyone in town will have your same outfit! Please understand, as a consultant, we can't choose the patterns, only the sizes and styles. This makes the shopping experience fun because we never know what we're going to get and we love surprises!