Lularoe Debby and Phil

Have you ever tried an article of clothing on and just fell in love. When I first discovered LulaRoe that is how I felt. Being a woman in my early 50's, struggling with all the issues that this time in your brings, I was just not happy with anything in my closet. Well until I met LulaRoe that is. There is something so different about LulaRoe, there tagline is "Simply Comfortable Clothing" and that is oh so true. But besides it being comfortable the way it fits makes you feel good inside too!!! You feel beautiful again. I can't wait to share this journey and company with you. Phil, my husband for those of you who don't know, is going to be my partner is this business. We are so excited to have discovered an awesome opportunity to allow us to work from home and continue to live at the beach. Phil's motto for us every since he proposed to me was for us to find our happiness. And with our new adventure we finally have found our happiness.