Lularoe Christyn Kendrick

Welcome to LuLaRoe Christyn Kendrick!!! I am a mom to two busy little boys who have me wrapped around their fingers, a wife to an amazing man that takes such great care of us, and a teacher/instructional coach to fabulous little students at McKinley Elementary. I know...I's a dream!!! These things combined to push me to also become a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant. I ABSOLUTELY love AND ADORE these clothes!!! After having a life-saving surgery to one day fulfill my dreams of becoming a mom, I was left with extra saggy skin which I am always trying to hide! Although I am healthy and happy, I have never had the confidence to wear bold and colorful prints...and heaven forbid stripes going around the middle (as my Grandma Jean used to say)! Things have only seemed to get worse after having two DARLING little boys! (Can anyone relate?) THEN...I FOUND LuLaRoe and life changed!!! This clothing helps women feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable, which as a first grade teacher trumps all!!! KEEPING UP WITH KIDS IS HARD! Not only do I look cute and get fabulous compliments each time I wear my LuLaRoe, but I feel CONFIDENT as I can easily perform my daily duties at both school and home in the comfort of ALL the clothing offered!!!