LuLaRoe Christina Lee

I'm so happy you're part of my group! Below is common questions and information that will be helpful to you. How does LuLaRoe work? For quick access to the the latest styles click the "info" button above then "photos" and "albums." LuLaRoe sells mainly through fashion consultants. Each consultant owns their own inventory and sets their own prices based on guidelines set forth by LLR. Consultants also carry different styles, choosing what pieces and sizes to carry. All of LLR is limited edition. Every single print you see is only 1 of 2,750 pieces EVER made. No one consultant will ever come close to getting in all the prints, much less in each size! There's no catalog. There's no way to order specific prints. What you see, is what you get. If you see something you love in your size, you better grab it, or it's likely to be gone forever. Unicorn? A unicorn is a specific print you love and you're looking for it in your size. Since all LLR is limited edition and changing constantly, shopping for something special can feel like hunting a unicorn. I have a unicorn album where I try to help you in your hunt. Comment what you'd love under the correct style picture in the unicorn album. Please do not ask for "any color solid". While I'm happy to help, I have to also think of time management. How do I shop from your Facebook group? Please browse by using albums. Different apps and browsers have different ways to get to albums, usually it's "..." or "info", from there you click "photos" and there's an "album" tab. How do I buy something from your Facebook group? Fill out the google form. To claim comment "sold", I assume shipping unless otherwise stated. Where is Local Pick Up? Contact me for hours and location. How much is shipping? Flat rate of shipping $6. Free shipping with any purchase over $100. I'm so happy you're part of my group! ⭐Rewards Program! For every ten items purchased, you’ll receive a FREE pair of leggings! In-person AND online sales count! You'll receive tickets for every item purchased! Collect 10 for a free pair of leggings or cash them in at 5 for 50% off. Can I come try LLR in person? Yes! Contact me for Open house times. I also schedule parties at my studio and go to homes and businesses. Is there a website where I can shop? No, not at this time. You may Shop online from the albums in this group. Return Policy? I accept returns with tags in NEW condition within 10 days of purchase. Customer pays all return shipping cost. Do you allow other LLR consultants in your group? YES! Please PM and send me a link to your group as well. Please be aware of PP and consultant etiquette guidelines. Care Instructions: Most items are machine wash, hang to dry. To increase the life of your comfy goodness, wash on delicate and inside out. DO NOT MACHINE WASH KIMONOS! The softer the fabric the more likely it is to pill, fabric shavers work well. Black fabrics may bleed--soak in vinegar to set the color before washing. I want to be a LLR consultant, but I have a ton of questions! PM and I'll help you! It's a good gig, and I'd be honored to help you start your own business. I appreciate you all very much! Please let me know if I can help you. Thanks!